GW2 – Living World Season 4—Daybreak


激战2 世界故事第四季 – 黎明

简单就是加了新地图和新的传奇武器和新的Raid(激战2 高级玩家副本)

激战2现在是免费的线上游戏但要玩新故事是要购买的现在应该是新故事USD30 而USD50 就可以买完2个大path .还有其他的小故事是可以用游戏钱换gem购买的~


新的传奇武器 The Binding of Ipos




Beginning November 28, 2017

Battle through a Brandstorm, get a brutal lesson in Elonian history, and investigate a literal cold case in today’s release

Living World Season 4—Daybreak

The brief calm shatters as a Brandstorm strikes Amnoon. Defend the city against Kralkatorrik’s monstrous forces, and set out to experience the next chapter of Guild Wars 2’s Living World.

Living World Season 4 requires Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play. Log in while the episode is live to unlock it for free, even if you don’t own the expansion yet!

Content Updates

New Fractal—Twilight Oasis

To Palawa Joko’s loyal followers, his glorious deeds surely justify his eternal reign over Elona. The true history of his rise to power is reflected in the Mists—and the truth can be harsh.

New Raid—The Hall of Chains

Vicious undead are murdering Grenth’s followers. The evidence leads to a grim, icy realm, where a mysterious spirit and an ancient power struggle to determine the fates of the living and the dead.

And more!

Legendary Focus

Earn new rewards and build a legendary focus.



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